“As the mom of a self-identified bi-sexual preteen, I’m now responsible to guide and educate a child with a non-traditional identity. Guess what? I don’t know how! No, I’m not talking about clean your room, share your toys, and respect your elders. That’s basic across-the-board parenting. I’m talking about deeper issues with which, as a heterosexual woman, I have no experience or knowledge. That is why Identity Impact is so important. Getting information from someone who’s qualified, and whose lived through difficulties with identity, is invaluable to those of us still learning. I always tell my kids they need “tools in their toolbox” to get through life (interpersonal skills, coping skills, etc.) This book gives everyone (parents, kids, educators, heath care workers, etc.) the tools that they didn’t even know they needed.”

Sherri Stupak, Parent

“As a driving force in the LGBT business community, it’s only natural for Dina to pivot her energy toward making an even bigger impact—by sharing her own journey as well as insights from years of helping people through their toughest times. Identity Impact is a thought-provoking read that’s certain to spark candid conversations.”

Dawn K. Christensen, LGBTQ Advocate

“In Identity Impact, Proto does an exceptional job of creating a stinging awareness about the lack of available research and knowledge needed to examine how LGBTQ individuals can be impacted in their early life developmental years. Proto’s analysis of the documented health trends, and statistics that touch each of the various sub cultures within the LGBTQ community, are jaw dropping. Her findings lead one to believe that once we have a solid grasp on how we can better nurture, support, and communicate with our youth, we can quite possibly find more effective ways of creating a culture of organic inclusiveness and self-love. In doing so, we can increase our levels of acceptance and appreciation for the differences of others. And we can discover how our combined perspective and life experiences contribute to how well we coexist in this melting pot of gender, cultures, lifestyles, ethnicities, and religions that all come together to make us the wonderful collective that we are. It’s my sincere hope that Proto’s work will rip the scab off of the festering wound of silence and shame that far too many of our LGBTQ youth are forced to live with. This book has the power to serve as the launch pad that forces us to challenge our age old beliefs and child rearing practices so that we as a society can better benefit from all the amazing talent and contributions of our LGBTQ youth.”

Brian Martin, Executive Director Supplier Diversity

“Identity Impact is an important exploration of how celebrating and uplifting diversity is essential for our health, our wellbeing, and our economic success as a community—and as a nation. Dina Proto writes with the authenticity and experience that has made her a trusted leader across LGBT, healthcare, and business organizations.”

Justin Nelson, Co-Founder & President, National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce

“Having been a Board certified emergency physician for 20 years, I have witnessed many facets of family and friend interactions. I have worked with and known Dina for many years and I can’t think of a better person to help bring the “Identity” conversation to the forefront. Not only is she a good nurse but she is a caring, loving, and open individual. The acceptance of all people regardless of their beliefs or sexual orientation has to be started as early as possible. An open, vulnerable society will only lead to acceptance, tolerance, and love. As a father of a gay son, demonstrating our understanding and tolerance has allowed open, honest dialogue, not only in our immediate family but within our circle of friends as well.”

Marc Jeser, DO, Emergency Room Medical Director

“What’s in it for me?” As executives introduce changes to make their workplaces more LGBTQ inclusive, they are encouraged to answer this question for their non-LGBTQ employees. Identity Impact offers a helpful framework which outlines important human development milestones—namely that everyone has a gender identity and a sexual orientation. When executives lead with this reality, they along with their non-LGBTQ employees, build empathy for inequities LGBTQ people continue to endure and embrace changes that can transform a workplace climate into one that is more welcoming and inclusive for all. Give this book a read, and you’ll understand how to avoid the inevitable collisions that can occur at the intersections of identity, and instead enjoy a scenic journey.”

Rhodes Perry, CEO, Rhodes Perry Consulting and Host of The Out Entrepreneur Podcast