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Dina Proto is a practitioner and leader who lives and breathes values-driven healthcare.

Whether you are planning a small group gathering or arena-filling conference, you can have confidence in Dina Proto’s seamless ability to deliver vital and often difficult-to-address cultural competency best practices.


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CARE Compassion - Awareness - Relevance – Experience


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Increase awareness, educate and engage your teams IMPACT change in your organization or business.


Dina Proto is a captivating, intelligent speaker who effectively reaches diverse audiences about the importance of providing patient-centered, affirming care to LGBTQ+ populations.

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  • Primary Care
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    • Healthcare services groups
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    • Managed care groups (HMO)
    • Parent Resource Groups
    • Employee Resource Groups (ERG)
    • Gay Straight Alliance Groups (GSA)
    • Social and Political Advocacy Groups
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34th Annual Convention



FMDA (Florida Medical Directors Association)



Maryland Commitment to Veterans Symposium (2/22)


02/22/2022 <

35th Annual Convention



Nova Southeastern University (NSU)



Speaking Topics

Societal Impact Sexual Gender Minority Wellness.
Develop an increased understanding of the historical role and resulting impact that society has on Sexual Gender Minority (SGM) Health and Wellness.
Societal Driven Integrated Care for the Sexual Gender Minority Community.
Learn how the evolution of society and technology drive the integration of patient care and the resulting role you play in caring for the LGBTQ+ patient population.
Understanding the ROI of Cultural Competence and Inclusivity on Your Practice.
Designed specifically for executive and mid-level management to develop a better understanding of the relevance and potential return on investment (ROI) for ensuring cultural competency is translated to bedside care for the LGBTQ+ patient population.
Psychological Impact of Political Administrative Changes on the Sexual Gender Minority Community.
Improve your understanding of The Psychological Impact of Political Administration Changes on the Sexual Gender Minority (SGM) Community and its IMPACT as it relates to Sexual Gender Minority Healthcare Disparities.
Managing Service Expectations of the Sexual Gender Minority community along the Generation Cohort.
Develop a deeper understanding of how service expectations of the Sexual Gender Minority (SGM) patient is IMPACTED by generation cohort.
Barriers to Effective Communication with the Sexual Gender Minority Patient Population.
Gain insight about the IMPACT of communication barriers with the Sexual Gender Minority (SGM) patient demographic and how they can be improved by the healthcare provider.
Improving LGBTQ+ Patient Outcomes By Reducing Unconscious Bias.
Improve the impact of the medical care you provide by gaining a better understanding of the effect one’s identity has on the business of providing care.
Translating Cultural Competence to Clinical Relevance at the bedside
Learn about the impact a patient’s identity has on the medical care they receive and its potential effect on the business of providing care.
What’s a Pronoun Between Friends?
Understand the utilization of Pronouns when working with and providing care to the Sexual Gender Minority (SGM) community and their IMPACT. 


As an esteemed presenter at our 32nd Annual Convention, we value your participation in and contribution to FADONA. On behalf of the attendees, members, staff and Board of Directors of the Florida Association Directors of Nursing Administration/LTC, please accept our sincere thank you for helping us make this convention so successful.– Ian Cordes FADONA Director of Operations