Our Mission

To IMPACT LGBTQ+ patient outcomes & reduce unconscious bias in the healthcare profession


Through books, greeting cards, business outreach and health education, Dina Proto is committed to cultivating change through communication.– BEQ Magazine

Our Areas Of Practice

For Healthcare Organizations and Providers

Service deliverables include: organizational and individual assessment, executive coaching, facilitated workshops, group workshops, development and implementation related to current DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) beliefs, practices and areas of opportunity.

Ability offer workshops/training and evaluation related to: Improving Employee Engagement, Counteracting Unconscious Bias, Fostering an Inclusive Environment, DEI in the workplace, LGBTQ+ healthcare best practices as a subject matter expert.

Discover why Cultural Competency matters and how it can IMPACT your Practice, Business and Patient Outcomes.

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Develop an inclusive workplace and improve LGBTQ+ Patient outcomes with customized training programs.

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Increase awareness, educate and engage your teams to IMPACT change in your organization or business.

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