facebook live video: author interview with dina proto

Check out this Facebook Live video with Dina Proto, RN, about her book launch of Identity Impact: When Society’s Expectations Collide with the Authentic Self. Dina is interviewed by Jenn Grace of Publish Your Purpose.


As a Registered Nurse, Author, and Speaker, Dina Proto offers compelling insight into the health issues of those within the LGBTQ community. Dina’s spirited approach motivates engagement to foster change by creating compassionate awareness of the health care inequalities faced by those in the LGBTQ community, how they are created, and how to overcome them. When Dina isn’t busy with her business, she’s focused on supporting other business owners affiliated with the Las Vegas LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce.

PODCAST: Storytelling with Dina & Dom of Teazled LGBT Greeting Cards

This podcast interview hosted by Jenn T. Grace of Gay Business & Marketing Made Easy, is with Dina & Dom, founders of Teazled Greeting Cards, a company that focuses exclusively on creating cards for LGBT people and families. We talk about our families, how they came to founding their company and many tips on effective marketing to the LGBT market. Have a listen and let me know what you think in the comments below!

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QVegas Magazine Women’s Issue  

Published on Jan 1, 2013

Ladies First! 2013 Women’s Issue featuring Dina & Dina of Teazled –a greeting card company. Find out where Las Vegas ladies hang out. Learn more about domestic violence in the LGBT community and grab some tips on purchasing life insurance for those you love. Plus Q&A with Frenchie Davis, Best of QVegas Nominations, and OUTMusic Award Winners. Click to read more.


The trip to the greeting-card aisle can be an agonizing one, sifting through the overly sentimental and the inappropriately funny. But what if none of the cards actually works, say, if you’re looking for a wedding card for two brides or a Father’s Day card for two dads?

Enter Teazled, an LGBT-owned greeting-card company based here in Las Vegas. Dina Proto, who co-owns Teazled with her wife Dina “Dom” Poist-Proto, says a Mother’s Day card made by their daughter was the seed. Read more.

It’s Sunday Funday, Let’s Put on Our Hottest Clothes and Have a Gay Time

Lesbian Couple is Adorable, Makes Greeting Cards for Gays

Have you ever been like, “damn, I just can’t find a card with two girls on sailboats on the front and a lesbian love poem inside at this CVS!” and felt a little sad while you made your own in Photoshop, even though it took all night? No? Okay, well then we can move on.

Dina Proto and Dina Poist-Proto, two lesbians who are married with four kids and the same name, have launched Teazled, a card company for queers. It’s full of cards you just can’t find anywhere else: for two moms, for two dads, for ladies courting other ladies, for holidays with your gay family members, etc. Read more.