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How Cultural Competence Translates to Clinical Relevance

AreYOU in the know?

Healthcare Organizations that are committed to ensuring culturally competent patient-centered care garner profitable benefits.

Fast Facts

  • For every $ invested in cultural competency training there was an ROI of $36  (Source: John Hopkins University)
  • 1 in 5 LGBTQ Adults avoid Medical Care Due to Fear of  Discrimination (Source: NPR)
  • 82%  Medical Students exhibited at least some implicit bias against gay and lesbian individuals (Source: Academic Medicine Journal)
  • While 81% of hospitals educate clinical staff during orientation about how to address the unique cultural and linguistic factors affecting the care of diverse patients and communities, only 61% require all employees to attend diversity training. (Source: Institute for Diversity in Health Management)

Can we quantify this?


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We get it, your organization needs to join the 21st century, but you may not know how to begin implementing positive change.

Your company can lean on a professional with combined clinical and administrative expertise, one who understands the intricacies of organizational sustainability and public trust.

You can place your own trust in Dina Proto

  • Healthcare Agencies
  • Clinical Settings
    • (Inpatient / Outpatient / Hospitals / LTACH / SNF)
  • Professional Associations
  • Institutions of Higher Education, Colleges and Universities
  • Corporations
    • (Healthcare Services Groups / Insurance Companies / Employee Resource Groups



Leadership Development

Change Management

Development of Inclusive Programming & Curriculum


Dina has been a wonderful resource for bridging some gaps in our onboarding and annual training. Her knowledge base in the medical industry combined with her LGBTQ+ working knowledge make for a fantastic relationship when you are specialist in healthcare as we are. She provides very clear and timely information while making it connect to the staff in a professional but also personal way. If you are considering or looking for a consultant with a vast depth of experience and knowledge, consider Dina Proto– Robert Baker-Hargrove COO/Co-CEO

Improving internal stakeholder Awareness is the 1st Step in Cultural Competency.

Knowledge, Skill, Interaction and Desire are Integral steps to IMPACTING healthcare disparities.

How We Make An IMPACT

Our strength is in our approach, lasting results require a change in current process.

Be mindful, be intentional: are you aware of how effectively your organization is supporting the needs of LGBTQ+ patients and clients?  Increasing awareness improves patient outcomes.

Foster an environment of inclusion and celebration: Dina Proto has the seamless ability to help you identify, and ultimately prevent, difficult-to-address cultural competency missteps.

Empower positive change: your company can receive direction and support from a professional with combined clinical and administrative expertise, one who understands the intricacies of organizational sustainability and public trust.

Learn about the people you serve, learn about yourself: Dina Proto International provides guidance and training to all levels of practitioners, from novice to expert.

Instructional, interactive, interesting, inclusive: explore our 8 established curriculums (or let us know your areas of need) for in-person teaching or e-mazing e-learning.

Support self-expression: we can help your organization serve as an ally for sexual gender minority (SGM) and all diverse clients representing unique backgrounds, stories, and traditions